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Friday, December 10, 2010

String Piecing I think....

I have recently noticed the string quilts. Funny I had never heard that name before now, I think I thought they were scrap quilts, and they are, sort of.... I had some pink and black saved over from a couple different projects so I thought I would give it a whirl. I did get 6 little blocks made. As time goes by I will make more and eventually use a black sash around each block (unless I change my mind). Not sure if it will be a quilt or an item...

First I sewed them in strips...

Then I cut them into 6 inch squares (or was it five?)
Then I cut the squares in half from corner to corner.
Then I cut those in half again right down the middle of the long side.
Then I sewed the funky little blocks together to make these abstract little squares.
Then I pinned them together and put them in the sewing drawer and I will keep adding to them.

Maybe the colors will be added to along the way or more than likely I will add something that will compliment the pink and black until I have enough to make a little something!

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