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Friday, December 3, 2010

My name is Gwen and I am a boboholic...

I have bobbins that jingle jangle jingle out the wazoolio... and I am not kidding. About six years ago when I first became involved with the selling of vintage sewing items I began to accumulate bobbins for my many sewing machines. You may not know this but there is a major difference between a class 66 bobbin of the 1940's compared to the metal class 66 bobbins you can buy new today. The 40's bobbins were heavier and when you hold them in the palm of your hand its like magic! lol AND if I find one in the lot that happens to be black well... well...BINGO! That means I found a war time black out bobbin, I love em!  It's an illness I know... But I can't help myself, if I see em, I gotta have em! I have stacks and stacks and /i need each and everyone of them...:-o

In my kitchen I have a sewing spot (I have others..) where my beloved Singer 15-91 proudly sits in front of double windows. I open up the shutters and all this wonderful light filters in and I can actually see really well to sew (I have to wear reading glasses to use the remote on the TV...). In this particular spot I have my machine in a big cabinet that may be from the 60's, huge library type extensions on the table and a nice set of 4 deep drawers. It even has a pull up piece in the back that holds thread spools. I bought this cabinet from the man I list for on eBay, Paul. One of the fringe benefits for being his Lister is that if it don't sell he will sell to you for a great price! I LOVE THAT! Paul is one of the reasons I have so much fun stuff. That's my connection for bias tape, trims, rick rack and thread by the bushel basket load and I am not kidding! He has several Lister's but I only do the domestics like sewing-quilts-machines and such. If you are a sewer this is an awesome job to have! He is the seller paul-mart on eBay.

I wonder does anyone else have this illness? the photo shows a few of my class 15 bobbins, more on this story later... the other photos show the drawer contents of the kitchen sewing spot..

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