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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Today was busy!

Well we were supposed to go to an antique open house Christmas event in Markle but it was too slick for me and hubby and puddin, my pt cruiser... so we shopped in town instead. Then in the afternoon just as we arrived back home we had incomming sewing machines, a Singer 99-13, cute as a button with great decals and a cabinet, another great Singer 201-2, great machine for leather artists. A vintage 237 Fashion Mate, the best one of that model with all metal gears and cast iron body popped in a retro case made its way in later. One needs a wire job but that looks like all the major work except for the clean down and making them jump through the sewing hoops... lot of work this week.  BUT... just a little while ago I did manage to get one of those bag holders cut out, I am really wanting to finish it bad! lo I will try to squeeze in some pictures of it Sunday.

 So for tonight lets look at this great quilt..
It comes from West TN where I was born and its so unusual. Its a snake quilt and I want to make one, yep its covered in cotton mouth water moccasins... it says true south just about as best as any southern quilt can!  Notice how the snakes are pieced!

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  1. Wow! I'm 60 and I've NEVER seen a snake quilt! Thank you for sharing it! I'm impressed with quilters who can make this pattern!