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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My husband's hands...

Years ago when he had that head full of blond hair that would make old JB look like a bozo and his face had no wrinkles and his tummy didn't bulge (only a little) he was a site to behold. But when I look at him now I don't see what others may see. I still see a gorgeous man.  One thing or two I guess I should say that I have always admired about this man is his hands.  They are real man hands for sure, scarred from tools, calloused from hard work. Now when he is very close to retirement his hands seem to work harder than ever. We sort of fell into vintage sewing machine repair. I can't say how many he has repaired, took apart, rigged, oiled, lubricated and changed parts. His little basement shop sometimes sounds like  he is building mini race cars when I can here him reving a motor on an old Singer 15 or 201... He has learned a lot and I know he enjoys it but I enjoy just watching him use his hands... this picture is one of my very favorites... I love you dear hubby, to me you will always be a hunk.

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